Monday, April 5, 2010

Mcnabb to the Redskins?

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded their franchise Quarterback Donovan Mcnabb to their rival Washington Redskins. Why they did this? Well they have been trying to get rid of Mcnabb for years but why? All he has done for your franchise is lead them into the playoffs every year he has been there. His record as a starting quarterback is 92-49-1 which is a ridiculous winning percentage for a NFL quarterback. He was 9-7 in the playoffs including a super bowl appearance. He has gone to numerous pro bowls and he is a model player. He never gets in trouble with the law. He isn't a whinny baby. He is the ultimate professional quarterback. So why trade him you ask? The eagles have 2 good quarterbacks behind him, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. Mike Vick was a pro bowler while he played for the Atlanta Falcons but he went to jail for a year for dog fighting. Kevin Kolb is only a 3 year pro who really doesn't have any expierence. The Eagles are idiots for making this trade. Vick doesn't fit into the eagles system. He is a running qb. He looks to take off running before he looks to pass. Don't get me wrong Vick is one of my favorite players of all-time but he doesn't fit the Eagles passing game. Kevin Kolb is a decent quarterback but again he isn't expierenced and we don't know what he'll do with the pressure on him. Why would you trade Mcnabb to the Redskins when you could've got him out of your division. We'll never know

Friday, April 2, 2010

Extra Credit-News discussion

We discussed about the Afgan President about how the voting was rigged and that he has no support in the United States. We talked about how afgan wasn't a nation; but that it is a bunch of tribal groups that have different languages and beliefs. There are a bunch of long standing rivalries. The british tried and failed and russia did as well. We have had troups in there since '02. The lady who was leading the discussion has a former student going to Iraq and Afganistan to teach the Nato Nation.

We also talked about how China didn't suffer like most companies through the recession but that it might get hit hard here soon. Labor costs are a lot cheaper over there and that's why Ford sold Volvo to China for cheaper than they bought it.

Evan Turner is AP Player of the Year

Evan Turner from The Ohio State University is the Associated Press player of the year! He dominated college basketball this year and was very deserving of this trophy. He average 20.3 points, 9.2 rebounds and 5.9 assists. He was an all around team player on one of the best teams in the Nation. Ohio state made the elite 8 before being knocked out by Tennessee. Evan is one of my favorite players that have played college basketball since Carmelo Anthony. I want to Jazz to draft him so bad because I compare his athleticism to Lebron James. NOT that he is as good by any means but he does everything like Lebron James does. He passes, scores and rebounds. That is hard to find in a person. Usually kids just want to score, but Evan finds people and does all the dirty work that people don't like to do. Evan Turner will make a great pro and I personally think he should forgo his sr. year and join the ranks of the NBA. He has the potentional to become an NBA all-star and hopefully he comes to the Utah Jazz and becomes an NBA champion as well!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News Story-Print: A local dance group “Vibe” is getting the shot of a lifetime on Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the stars will dip into the wealth of talent that Utah has to offer when Vibe Performing Arts Studio performs April 13.

A group of kids from Vibe Performing Arts Studio in Lindon, Utah are preparing to show the world what Utah dance has to offer. These kids have trained their whole lives in all different styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap and ballroom, which is what they will be performing for all of America. The team is made up of 10 people; the 5 guys are Brock Bodily, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Tynan Hamilton, Brandon Armstrong, and Trey Jackson. The 5 girls are Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold, Brittany Cherry, Kelsey Skousen, and Tanisha Belnap.
When asked how he felt about doing the show Tynan Hamilton said “I’m excited for what we are going to show the nation which is what we have been working our whole lives for."

For 2 of these kids this won't be the first performing on the show. Brandon Armstrong and Brittany Cherry competed last season for America's favorite jr.'s dancers.

“It’s going to be a fun expeirence. It’ll be a blast going back for a second time.” said Brittany.

Since the show Brittany and Brandon have split up and found new partners. Brandon now dances with Lindsay Arnold and they are currently ranked number 1 in the United States of America..

“We have 3 lessons a week that last 2 hours long of training just for our partnership alone and that doesn't include the professional guest choreographers we bring in monthly." said Brandon.

When I asked Rick Robinson the director of the kids, how is it possible you get the most out of your dancers he responded, “I get the most out of my dancers because I don’t challenge them personally, I challenge the dance that they are doing. Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.. Impossible is nothing.”

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beat Story

1. Events that are going on during the summer; planned ahead of time-Collin Knudsen
2. A story on why the student body president ran for his presidency-Lexie Lowe
3. A in depth story on why some teachers are more strict than other teachers-Adam Fox
4. Who is the richest person that has ever graduated from Utah Valley University- Matt Belliti
5. Why doesn't UVU start to offer more degrees in certian fields-Preston Hadley

Friday, March 26, 2010

Heyward the final key to the Braves!

Rookie Jason Heyward will be starting for the Atlanta Braves this year in the Outfield. I love this kid. Jason Heyward is exactly what the braves need. He is a power outfielder that we have been missing ever since Andruw Jones left! He also has the speed to steal bases and get us some more runs from his speed alone. This kid is the number 1 prospect in all of baseball so why wouldn't he be starting? I'm the biggest braves fan on earth so when I read this article I got so excited for the baseball season. I think this single handley puts the Braves in consideration to be one if not the best outfield defense with Nate Mclouth, Melky Cabera and now this stud of a man Jason Heyward. The braves will compete with the division rival the Philadelphia Phillies for the NL East and I'll even go as far as saying the NL title! I hope that we finally break this little skid of not making the playoffs and we make it this year. I guarentee if the braves make the playoffs they will make the world series because they have the 2 things you need to win a title defense and pitching. If we stay healthy of course. I'm super excited about this year and I hope for the best for this young kid.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fake Obituary

People don't cry this is fake it's just for my Mass Media class. No tears need to be shed!

Mr. Chaz Layne Bodily aka "Chizzle for Rizzle", a very dedicated dancer, as well as a dance teacher who loved performing and helping others become great, died on Monday night, in Provo, Utah.

Chaz's dad, Kevin Bodily, told the police and reporters present that the two of them were on the golf course playing a quick 9 holes when Chaz, 23, collapsed and died instantly from a golf ball to the back of the head. Police don't suspect any intention from the man who struck him with his arrant ball.

Chaz spent his whole life in Utah, besides his Latter Day Saints mission to London, England. He grew up in Pleasant Grove, and graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2005. He was currently living in Provo, with his best friend Warren Mcdade, while attending Utah Valley University.

Chaz loved his movies, sports, dance, and most of all his family. He loved his years of playing high school football for Pleasant Grove High School and loved watching and supporting any sport. Since the age of 2 Chaz danced for a few different companies but most recently for Vibe Producitons. He loved dancing all kinds of styles including Hip Hop, Ballroom, Jazz and even Ballet. He was a national champion in Latin Ballroom Formation. He was currently working towards broadcast journalism/Marketing degree at UVU.

Chaz is survived by his parents, Kevin and Jilane and his four siblings Brayden, Brock, Kenedee, and Brooklynn. He will also be missed by his best friends also known as the gayper gayng, Jaymz, John, Sam and Jason.

Services will be held at 1:00 p.m., Friday, March 26 at the Pleasant Grove Stake Center, 1265 N. 850 E. Services will be followed with the burial at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery.